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Tuition is due on the 1st day of the month and is considered late after the 10th. Please contact Terrie if you need to make other arrangments. 


To further strengthen the link between home and school, each month you will receive both a snack /activities calendar and a School Newsletter. We will try to communicate as clearly as possible through them any information you may need to know in addition to sharing a bit of your child's preschool day with you. It will remind you of upcoming events and inform you of any school needs as well. 

Parking & Passes

Arrival at School

We request that you do not bring your child into the classroom until the beginning of class. The staff needs the pre-class time to do their final classroom preparation for the day, and may not be free to supervise your child.In order to insure your child's safety and also your peace of mind, we request that each child be brought into the building. This also provides an opportunity to check the parent information board posted outside and inside the classroom for any "special" information notices that might be posted. 

Dismissal from School

 The last few minutes of a school day are generally rather hectic ones.  Getting coats, hats, show and tells, class projects, and children together in their proper order and places is not always a simple task.  To help us in ensuring that each child leaves safely and happily, we request that you remain patient and know we will get your child to you as soon as we can.  If it is necessary for you to pick up your child early, just let us know and come and get him/her.  

Authorization for Pick Up

 No child will be released to a person or persons not authorized by a parent to pick up that child.  We must have written advance authorization of change in this respect.  In the case of single/divorced parents:  If the parent given custody of the child wishes to restrain the other parent from picking up the child from preschool, we MUST have a copy of the COURT ORDER stating this, or we can not stop the non-custodial parent from picking up the child. 

Field Trips

 Outside classroom experiences can start at an early age.  During the course of the school year A Child’s First Steps Preschool will be taking several class field trips.  Transportation needs to be provided by parent/guardian volunteers.  Notice of field trip plans will be given in the school newsletter.  Maps to these Field Trips will be handed out prior to the Field Trip and posted on our parent info board.As a rule, field trips will be taken during the regular class time hours.  Every attempt will be made to provide fun and educational learning experiences at “no extra cost”.   For each preschool child a Field Trip Consent Form and a Release of Liability is required.  Both forms are due prior to our first field trip and are good for the entire school year. 

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