About Us

Our Staff

A Child's First Steps Preschool will begin our 2012 year in September. We offer early childhood education for 3 and 4 year old children. Our teaching staff are experienced early childhood educators that have ongoing training in the early childhood field. This enables us to be current in all aspects of early childhood education. 

We pride ourselves on having an open door policy that simply means you and your family is welcome into our classroom at anytime.  We believe that parent involvement with their child's/childrens education is extremely important and enhances your child's learning experiences.  We hope to be instrumental in all aspects of your child's education; therefore communication with you will be ongoing so that all questions and concerns may be answered as they occur. 


First and foremost, our classroom is open to parents at all  times.  There will be a specific time set aside for parent orientation and open house for classroom observations, but you are welcome at any time during the year. Separating is sometimes difficult for a child and/or parent at the beginning of the school year. To help this situation we encourage you to wait in our classroom for as long as needed until your child has an opportunity to become comfortable in their school environment.

Additionally, Kindergarten readiness conferences will be offered in the spring, but please let us know anytime you have a question or a concern about your child. 

Ways We Help

When you enroll your child in our school, we assume the responsibility of giving assistance with special needs in relation to your child’s school adjustment, growth, and development.  We will look after his/her health, safety, and social/emotional being while he/she is in our care.We would really appreciate it if you would keep us informed of any changes in your child's home situation during the school year.  For example, the birth of a baby, an accident, a death, a separation or divorce, a traumatic experience, just to name a few.  If we are kept informed of any such changes, we will be better able to deal with any changes in your child's behavior during class time.